Mentoring The “100 Way” is designed to help boys and girls, who exhibit poor academic performance and who frequently engage in risk taking behavior. We at the “100” provide these students a positive, adult role model to assist in becoming productive citizens. The tutorial program is designed to improve academic performance, increase self-confidence, improve school behavior, and increase knowledge of career choices by providing individual and group mentoring on a regular basis.

Mission Statement

Giving back what the community has given us! The 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to create a pool of resourceful leaders who are committed to the formation and implementation of programs set up to enhance the four goals of the future: Mentoring, Education, Health/Wellness, and Economic Development


Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship over a prolonged period of time between a youth and an adult person. The mentor provides consistent support, guidance and concrete help as the younger person goes through a difficult or challenging situation or period in life. The goal of mentoring is to have mentees gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own futures including, and with an increasing emphasis on, academic and occupational skills.


This program is geared towards preparing older students for the completion of a high school curriculum. The 100 encourages students to achieve academic excellence.
Health & Wellness
Health/Wellness is a vital component of any community. The 100 realizes the importance of this issue in Mobile County. Our commitment became a reality on June 5, 1999 when the membership kicked off its first 5k run which drew over 1,000 youngsters. Proceeds from the race are channeled back into the community through an Urban Scholarship Program.
Economic Development
The 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile, Inc. is a leading resource in the community dedicated to financial empowerment, self-sufficiency, and economic growth. The 100 provides effective and participatory leadership that educates, encourages, fosters, and supports a philosophy of financial self-determination and a spirit of entrepreneurial endeavor.
Community Involvement
The 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile, Inc. is committed to community development by providing programs that are sponsored in the communities to develop productive citizens. “Real Men Giving Real Time