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The 100 Black Men of America dates back to 1963 when a group of men business and industry and other professions met in New York City to explore a vision built upon the foundation of making a lasting difference in the lives of African-American youth. The members all had a passion to channel their collective resources into areas that would improve the lives of young people.

The summer enrichment program of the Leadership Academy emphasized Boat Building and mentoring. The 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile partnered with the Mobile Bay Institute to assist students from various middle schools in learning how to build a boat as a project based learning activity.  This project gave relevance to mathematics that students use in everyday life.  During this activity the participants learned about teamwork, team building, and gave them a goal to reach in building a boat.
At the completion of the program, students will participate in a boat launching ceremony.

Leadership Academy Summer Enrichment Program
The principal and teachers at Scarborough Middle school identified 40 students from grades six through eight to participate in the leadership academy Boat Building Program.  The same concepts used in the summer enrichment program to strengthen math skills will continue with these students at Scarborough.  The math teachers at Scarborough, members of the 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile, Inc., and the Mobile Bay Institute will work in a collaborative effort to raise the academic achievement level of these students in math. 
The  Leadership Academy for the 2013-14 School Year
continues at Scarborough Middle School
Boat Building Program
100 Blackmen of Greater Mobile - Boat Show
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